Deer Monkeys

Hi everyone! Since I’m crazy busy with uni lately, I’m going to have to write a short blog before I forget to tell you about my weekend. Last weekend was a weekend of reliving memories and making new ones. On Friday we celebrated Georgie’s birthday, one of the Aussies in the group. We went out … More Deer Monkeys

Up the mountain

Hi! My second blog of today because I have so much to tell and so little time to write haha! On Friday afternoon, Gabriella, Eva en me decided to go for a walk. On the internet I found a walking trail that is a 10 minute drive away from our house. This trail was supposed … More Up the mountain

The first week(end)

Hi everyone! The past week has been so hectic. We started with intro days in which we received so much information. The way things are arranged here are very different from at home. In the Netherlands everything is easy, over here I had to do everything myself and it was all in Japanese, a language … More The first week(end)