Hi everone,

Yesterday, Monday the 28th, I moved in to a house called Shugakuin International House. After taking a busride of 35 minutes from Kyoto city center, Eva and I arrived at the house. We got keys to two rooms next to eachother and we finally got to drop our bags and relax for a minute, because after about an hour we already had to go to the ‘orientation’. Well, the orientation was interesting. We heard about a lot of rules, like no sleepovers, no other people in the house after nine etc etc. Also we have to separate our garbage in 5(!!!!!!) categories, but we only have one bin. I’m still figuring out a way to do this properly, but for now I just put the garbage on a big stack on the fridge ………….. 20150929_203121

After moving in, Eva, Gabrielle (a swedish girl we met) and I went to the city center to buy some stuff like cloth hangers, pans, a bowl, cups and, ofcourse, a little plant we call Bob.20150929_203243 After getting back, we went out for dinner with a group of about 15 people (6 of which were Dutch). It was quite hard to find a restaurant for a group this big, since most restaurants are pretty small. Luckily we had two guys in the group, Alex and Hans, who spoke Japanese so they found a really nice place to eat. That night was my first night of eating out and I immediately realised how hard it is as a vegetarian in Japan. I know I pulled it off last time, but at that time I always got dinner from a 100yen Lawson and my dinner consisted of rice, seaweed and japanese mayonaise. Well, in the restaurant it was a lot harder. Since it was kind of a traditional restaurant, the whole menu was in Japanese, which meant no one, except for the two guys, understood. They decided to order for us and order some veggie food for me, that, however, turned out to be harder than it seemed. A lot of the veggie food came with dried fish on top so I ended up eating a tomato and some fried vegetables, but it was still nice and a really cool experience. Here are some pictures of the feast. 20150928_19534020150928_214425

Today we had to go to the university for the first time. After waking up quite early and having another one-hour coughing session, I decided to do something I have wanted to do for a while; Decoden (not sure if it’s called that). You get some fake whipped cream glue, put it on something and put a lot of quite things on top of it. Maybe right now it sounds really weird, but to make it more clear for you, here’s a picture of my first creation (I still need a lot of practice :P) 20150929_203114 (1) honestly, I think it’s hilarious.

After having some weird plain, but still sweet, yoghurt with cookies for breakfast the whole group had to go to Uni. We decided to walk, since the bus costs money and the weather is great here (27 degrees!! I actually already got a pretty bad sunburn……). The walk took us about an hour, but it was really pretty. We saw some birds, talked a lot, looked at the Japanese people and before we knew it, we were at the university! We had to be there at 12.50 and we left at 11.50 so we should have been on time. However, what we didn’t know was that the building we had to be in was on the other side of the campus, and the campus is HUGE. So unfortunately I was late for my first day, which hardly ever happens to me in Utrecht hihi. Here are some pictures of our walk. Pictures of the university will follow later!DSC_4084 DSC_4085 DSC_4088 DSC_4090 DSC_4094 DSC_4097

At university, we again got a lot of information, sheets, manuals etcetera. And that was only for our Japanese classes. It is unbelievable how much they can give you and how much you should know. I’m so overwhelmed that I don’t even know where to start reading. Unfortunately tomorrow we’ll even get more information since that’s when the information day for KUINEP (the international program) is. I hope I can manage to arrange everything on time and in the right way, but we’ll see. Right now it feels like all my days will be full from 9-6 but hopefully we’ll also have some time to check out Kyoto and so that I can meet some of my old friends again 🙂




4 thoughts on “Sugarqueen

  1. Daddy

    Well written, Hannah-chan! Pleased to read that you are having a good time and enjoy the company of other gaijin-students at KyotoDai. Xxxx


  2. HannaH Chan, sounds like a lot of fun and hard work!
    Try to plastify the card which sais no meat, no fish, no seafood, that might help you in restaurants. And I did take off fish flakes off of some dishes, just be thorough and remember that you’ll be there for half a year and you’re supposed to have fun too. There is no veggy police. 😉
    Your Decoden is very cute! (Check the word quite…I think you mean cute?) And hilarious 😉 Glad you already got to make something.
    Sounds like you’re going to work hard, nothing you’re not used to. Just make sure you play hard too!
    You might have weekends and it sounds like evenings too, so depending on what kind of work you’ll do later, this might be a good training. 😉
    And the walk was such a good idea! And beautiful.
    Love & already miss you!


  3. vera

    volgens mij en jouw vader gaat het erg goed. fijn dat jij je zo vermaakt op deze wonderbaarlijke aarde.
    Ik vind het zo leuk dat ik mij een voorstelling kan maken van Kyoto dus ik beleef alles een beetje mee.


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