The first week(end)

Hi everyone!

The past week has been so hectic. We started with intro days in which we received so much information. The way things are arranged here are very different from at home. In the Netherlands everything is easy, over here I had to do everything myself and it was all in Japanese, a language I can’t read. I think we got about three (big)trees worth of paper with a lot of useless and unessecary information that only made things harder for us. So CHAOS. Me and the other people from my international house were all kind of stressing out and overwhelmed with all that we had to do. At the moment, most of it has finally been done. Yesterday I signed up to get a student account. I had to make two tests, one about internet security and another about… internet security. The latter was called princess Rin Rin. She came from a planet in the galaxy where they have a lot of problems with computer viruses and malware. So she would guide us through some kind of workshop about internet safety. It was hilarious and I could have made the test easily without princess Rin Rin. The answers were so obvious, here is an example: Which one of these is wrong: a) when I have a new email address, I post it on all my websites and forums so everyone knows it b) I keep my email address to myself and only give it to people I know in real life c) I never post my email address on a public website. Well, I guess it’s a) right?

Enough about the registration, let me tell you about my first real free weekend in Kyoto! It was an awesome weekend. On Friday it was Alex’s birthday, a guy from Australia who speaks Japanese and is al
so doing the KUINEP program here. We went to a restaurant in the city center and after that walked in the streets of Kyoto . It was a good night, but on saturday a lot of people from the group were tired and staying at home, so Tim, Hassan, Hans and I decided that we would go on an adventure with the four of us.DSC_4201

We went cycling to the cable car in northern Kyoto. It’s a really old cable car that brings you to DSC_4131the top of the mountain where you can visit the garden museum and enjoy the most amazing views. On our way there we visited two beautiful shrines and saw some cool animals, like spiders, a butterfly and a frog :).

When we arrived at the bottom of the mountain, we decided not to walk up (which is a pretty long walk) but to take the cable car. Halfway is a changing point where we sat and where I threw (or tried to) some wish stones through a ring. Also I finally saw a praying mantis for the first time in my life, it was so close to us and it was AMAZING :). After enjoying the praying mantis and the amazing view, we continued our way to the top. We strolled around the garden museum (which was in a French style by the way), had some pumpkin fun and enjoyed another amazing view of lake Otsu. When it started to become dark (which starts here around 5) we decided to walk back. Because I wanted to see bears and monkeys, which were supposedly in that forest, we decided to walk down to the middle station and take the cable car there. The walk was beautiful. The colours of the forest and the air were so pretty and we were so lucky to be there at that time! Around sunset time, we suddenly arrived at a viewpoint. We never really realised that we would be able to see the sunset, so this was an amazing surprise and I felt so lucky to be here in Japan with awesome people on a beautiful mountain. After enjoying the moment we went back home, had some convenient store dinner and went to our rooms. Here a some pictures of Saturday: DSC_4266DSC_4227 DSC_4244
DSC_4272 DSC_4331                                      DSC_4361 DSC_4428 DSC_4489

On Sunday I decided to go to Fushimi Inari shrine and almost the DSC_4526whole group decided to join. I went to this shrine 4 years ago with Tess (my sister) and thought about it all day! It was so much fun to relive those moment. Fushimi Inari is the shrine of the fox god. It is amazing and there are foxes everywhere. At the bottom of the shrine there was an opportunity to make a wish. You throw money in, ring a bell, bow twice, make a wish and clap your hands (not sure if it is in the right order). Ofcourse I’m not telling you wat my wish was. After this we followed the numerous red toriis up the mountain and walked for about two hours (with a green-tea ice-cream break inbetween ofcourse). The weather was beautiful and so was the walk.

Because it is already rather late (12.10 am) I’ll finish this blogpost for now! I’ll tell you more about my very interesting first week of school in the next blog post! Believe me, it’s going to be ehm.. weird haha.




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