Up the mountain


My second blog of today because I have so much to tell and so little time to write haha! On Friday afternoon, Gabriella, EvaDSC_4672 en me decided to go for a walk. On the internet I found a walking trail that is a 10 minute drive away from our house. This trail was supposed to lead to a temple on top of a hill, so we decided to try it out! After a 10 minute bike-ride we arrived at a sandy road and we decided to park the bike there and continue by foot. at first it didn’t look like much, but after a couple of minutes this was wat we saw:

In the picture you can already see the different colours of the trees. This means it’s becoming autumn. In about 1 or 2 weeks, at the end of October, this city will become one of the most beautiful cities in the world because it is surrounded by al lot of different trees that will all DSC_4685change in colour. If you want to see that, make sure you keep reading my blog ;). But, let’s continue with the walk. We kept walking and after a couple of meters we saw something amazing again.. –> A WATERFALL (and I LOVE waterfalls ❤


Since we still had a lot of time, we decided to do a photoshoot at this gorgeous site (at that time, we didn’t know that we would encounter three more waterfalls). We took loads and
loads of pictures and had a lot of fun

DSC_4730DSC_4747 but then out of the blue Gabriella came towards saying; “Ok, don’t be scared, but come over here……” So we followed here, curious as we are, and I became soooooo excited! In the middle of where we had been walking on the rocks was a snake trying to kill a big green frog. It was amazing to watch, but also a little bit sad ofcourse. After watching it for a while and taking lots of pictures I turned around to show Gabriella and Eva something. The suddenly one of them said “Wow there’s a huge green frog sitting there!” so I turned around and took photo’s of the beautiful frog, when Gabriella suddenly realised the snake was gone………………………… So the frog probably escaped, but where was the snake!? We freaked out a little bit, but it was also really exciting. Unfortunately we haven’t seen the snake after that. Here are some pictures:

DSC_4800 DSC_4811 DSC_4831

We continued our walk again and encountered more and more waterfalls (almost all of them artificial unfortunately). After a while, the trail suddenly stopped and we saw the first other hiker. He was taking pictures of a with mushrooms covered tree (really cool) and we asked him whether he know where the trail was. He didn’t really know but he told us that when we made a little climb up, we could see an amazing site, so, ofcourse, that’s what we did. We climbed up a little further and found another waterfall. It was so pretty and idyllic that I had to go for a swim, so I decided to go in and enjoyed the water :). The water was cold, but amazing and it was so cool to be near a waterfall again. After anjoying this water for a while, finding a beatle and taking lots of pictures, we decided to go back.

On our way back the sun was going down, so we took some more pictures on top of one of the waterfalls. But that wasn’t the most exciting part of our way back (even though it was crazy beautiful)… We also found a praying mantis eating another praying mantis. It was so cool to see! The females eat the males after mating, so that’s probably what was going on.. It was weird, but also cool to witness this in real life! Hopefully I’ll find many more :). Here are some pictures to end this blog post. Thanks for reading! I’m going to bed now to have a good rest before my first Japanese language test tomorrow! Oyasumi nasai!

DSC_4979 DSC_4983 DSC_4960 DSC_4953DSC_5004 DSC_5007


One thought on “Up the mountain

  1. Awesome tale and walk! Love the bit about the frog appearing but the snake had disappeared! Fabulous to swim next to a waterfall. Wonderful photos! Good luck with your first Japanese language test!


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